Illegal Trade Round-Up March 2021

Date: 03 March 2021
Illegal Trade Round-Up March 2021

EFCTC continues constructive dialogue with DG Clima, DG Taxud and OLAF about potential illegal HFC trade flows based on an analysis of 2019 Eurostat, UN Comtrade and China export data. This builds on a similar approach undertaken for 2018 and contributes to an improved understanding of illegal trade in HFCs. Data released in February 2021 show that an illegal market continues to bypass the EU quota system in place since 2015. Read the detailed press release here.

German Chemical Act – an important step forward to combat illegal trade in HFCs. EFCTC welcomes the decision on 10th February 2021 by the Federal Government of Germany to amend the German Chemical Act to prevent illegal trade in F-gases. In future, it will be prohibited in Germany to acquire or resell HFCs imported illegally into the EU. The change in the Chemical Act means
that information on manufacturers and importers of HFCs as well as information on the legality of
the imported product in the supply chain must be disclosed. This will give inspectors the right to
investigate the origins of products held by companies. Read the press release here.

UNEP issues Training Manual for Customs and Enforcement Officers -3rd EDITION Saving the Ozone Layer. An essential tool in building the capacity of Customs Officers, The Training Manual for Customs Officers provides the necessary guidance and information to effectively monitor and facilitate the legal trade in ozone depleting substances and to combat their illegal trade. It presents information on the international policy context and an overview of the technical issues, including information on chemicals and products traded and how these may be smuggled. The manual is available here.

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