Innovation Eliwell-style at EuroShop 2017

Date: 22 March 2017
Record visitor numbers for 2017 edition of EuroShop and great interest for the latest novelties presented by Eliwell to the Retail market. Efficiency and simplicity: this is innovation Eliwell-style, responding to the growing demand for highly efficient solutions that deliver unbeatable simplification for installers, constructors and system integrators. Transcritical CO2 solutions for supermarkets : with the launch of the DOMINO solution as an alternative to the ejector; the new RTX 600 /V, with adaptive superheat control for refrigerated display cabinets, provides the same performance as the ejector, in combination with EWCM 9000 PRO, the compact, efficient solution for compressor racks. EWSense: for wireless temperature monitoring on promotional and plug-in cabinets. TelevisBox : the ready-to-use system for HACCP temperature logging, operational within a few minutes. Using the Eliwell cloud solution, TelevisBox is ideal for small retail businesses such as butchers, bakers and restaurants. The RTD 600 /V controller: the Eliwell product for LT/NT convertible cabinets, allowing the use of a single refrigeration circuit with an R290 charge reduced by 30% and consumption reduction up to 37% compared with a traditional solution. Explore all the technical characteristics and benefits of the Eliwell innovations presented at EuroShop 2017: click "contact us" and the Eliwell team will provide you with full details on the latest product updates. Read More
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