IOR Guidance notes available on compliance with PED

Date: 17 November 2021
IOR Guidance notes available on compliance with PED

The following guidance to assist installers and suppliers in compliance is available from the IOR website:

RACHP Systems: The Pressure Equipment (Safety) Regulations and Pressure Equipment Directive (GN36) - Published in 2021 this IOR Technical Committee guidance note outlines the legal requirements of the Pressure Equipment (Safety) Regulations - PE(S)R and Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) for installers of RACHP systems. In the RACHP sector components are supplied by a manufacturer for site installation by a specialist third party contractor who might not realise that they have the responsibilities of the manufacturer of the assembly under PE(S)R. With the move to R32 and other A2L refrigerants, classified as PE(S)R group 1 fluid (“dangerous”), this moves many systems from SEP (sound engineering practice) or hazard category 1 into hazard category 2 or higher. Systems which are category 2 or higher must comply with the PE(S)R and must be assessed by an approved Conformity Assessment Body or under an assessment scheme which has been certified by a Conformity Assessment Body. Download at

Pressure Testing RACHP Systems (GN35) - This IOR Technical Committee Guidance Note provides an explanation of the different ways in which a system has to be tested under pressure for Strength, Tightness and Leaks. Download at

PED Guide to pressure systems installation site assembly - published by SAFED 2021, the Pressure Equipment Consultation Forum (PECF), Safety Assessment Federation (SAFed) and Engineering Equipment and Materials Users Association (EEMUA) in consultation with Lloyd’s Register and other stakeholders within the pressure equipment industry to help designers, purchasers, installation contractors, users and other parties achieve their legal requirements to
ensure pressure equipment can be correctly certified prior to use in the United Kingdom. It was prepared using technical advice provided by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). Download at or 

To find a list of UK Market Conformity Assessment Bodies see 

Queries about these guidance notes or other technical matters can be addressed to the Institute of Refrigeration Technical Committee here.

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