J & E Hall has taken on new apprentices

Date: 15 December 2019
J & E Hall has taken on new apprentices
J & E Hall has taken on six new apprentices as it expands its scheme to introduce young people to the business and the refrigeration industry. The company has gained a fine reputation for training and generations of refrigeration engineers have benefited over the years. J & E Hall has always placed a high level of importance on introducing new blood to the refrigeration industry and it has never been more needed at a time when age levels in the workforce continue to rise.

New first year apprentices at J & E Hall working in the service business are Jack Blackmore (Cardiff), Scott Pyne (Manchester) Jonathan Burns (Glasgow) and Isacc Dynes (Southampton). Jack MacFarlane (Glasgow) has joined J & E Hall as a second year apprentice. Aimee Wallis will serve a two-year apprenticeship in administration with J & E Hall’s air conditioning subsidiary company Daikin Applied Services with an option for a further year.

J & E Hall HR Manager Martin Jefkins said: “It’s well documented that there is a skills’ shortage in the refrigeration industry. At J & E Hall we know it is key to introduce young people to the industry and take advantage of the skills, ideas and thinking that they can bring with them. There is also a social responsibility on employers to take on young people and introduce them to the world of work. I am sure that our latest intake of apprentices will have a great future ahead of them.”

Studying at college is combined with on the job training within J & E Hall in a four-year apprenticeship on service and maintenance work. The youngsters will be on block release at the Grimsby Institute or Kelvin College in Glasgow where they will be learning the basics of refrigeration and engineering and studying for a Level 3 Diploma in Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Heat Pumps.

They will also be supported by an in-house training and mentoring programme overseen by the company’s engineering apprentice trainer, a new role created in the business this year. In total J & E Hall has 20 apprentices in its employment and since 2010 has recruited nearly 50 apprentices into the industry. Adam Walker, one of J & E Hall’s second-year apprentices, won the Bronze Award in the Student of the Year competition at the 2019 RAC Cooling Awards.

The latest batch of raw talent in the service business are aiming to become fully-fledged engineers and in doing so experience the wide variety of business activities to be found within the J & E Hall group. Many of J & E Hall’s apprentices have gone on to enjoy long and rewarding careers with the company – some lasting 30 or 40 years. Managing director of J & E Hall Andrew Bowden and service director Peter McAllister are former J & E Hall apprentices.
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