Johnson Controls Launches New Flexible Service Powered by OpenBlue Technology

Date: 28 September 2020
Johnson Controls Launches New Flexible Service Powered by OpenBlue Technology
Johnson Controls announces that it will launch new tailored services that provide customizable solutions to its customers around the globe. These new service offerings will leverage Johnson Controls new OpenBlue technology to power remote and contactless services, in combination with its 130-years of expertise in green building services.

The new services suite, available starting from October 2020, integrate touchless technology, sophisticated ventilation and sanitization systems as well as a flexible infrastructure into digital offerings. This allows a comprehensive range of HVAC, Fire Protection, and Security services to be monitored and managed remotely throughout normal, emergency, and pandemic circumstances.

By providing more enhanced offerings, customers can select service tiers that best meet their needs from a comprehensive suite of service solutions across four tiers: Optimum, Expert, Enhanced or Essential.

Increased capabilities include:

Remote HVAC, Fire and Security Services: Ensure equipment performance, uptime and management with real time remote services.
Real Time 24/7 Monitoring: Gain access to active and real-time diagnostics as well as a direct relationship with your remote advisory team.
Predictive Analytics: Data powers advanced benefits including improved energy consumption, enhanced performance analytics, proactive planning processes, performance indexing and upgrade roadmaps.
The service offerings are powered by OpenBlue digital technology - key functionalities, providing buildings with an environmental consciousness that is sustainable, efficient & more amenable for all occupants, are:

Contact Capabilities: Manage and track employee and visitor access within a companion app to appropriately enforce social distancing policies and support contact tracing efforts.
Touchless Buildings: Integrated access control, with facial recognition, using camera and AI technologies.
Safe Environments: Seamlessly mitigate infection risk and manage building control strategies with remote access to body temperature screening, ventilation and filtration systems, air cleaning and occupancy integrated cleaning.
Flexible Infrastructure: Activate discreet operating modes for an individual building during normal, emergency and pandemic operations.
Additional details regarding the tailored service offerings and OpenBlue integrations across regions and countries will be made available in the coming months.
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