KARYER Invests in Renewable Energy for Sustainable Production

Date: 31 May 2024
KARYER Invests in Renewable Energy for Sustainable Production
KARYER has significantly transformed its plant by investing in renewable energy, emphasizing its commitment to environmental sustainability. The company has installed a solar panel system at its 32,000 m² Akhisar plant in the Aegean region of Turkey, generating an average of 3.75 MW of energy.

Sustainability Efforts

The solar panel system now meets almost all of the plant's energy needs, demonstrating the effectiveness of KARYER’s sustainability initiatives. This investment supports the company’s efforts to combat climate change by using clean energy sources, while also enhancing its competitiveness through reduced energy costs.

Commitment to Renewable Energy

KARYER highlights the importance of adopting renewable energy within the air conditioning sector. The company is dedicated to continuing its efforts to minimize environmental impact and promote a greener future through innovative projects.

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