LU-VE Tianmen: PCC delegation visits the plant

Date: 28 November 2019
LU-VE Tianmen: PCC delegation visits the plant

An official delegation from the Communist Party of China has visited the new LU-VE Tianmen plant.

Officials from the national-level party, Hubei Province and the city of Tianmen took part in the visit, as well as local administrative authorities. LU-VE Group was the first foreign company to set up in the region (which has about 60 million inhabitants, while the city of Tianmen has about 1.7 million) which enjoys the subsidies that the Chinese Government guarantees under the ‘Belt and Road Initiative’ (the new Silk Road), aimed at attracting foreign business investment in the area.

During the meeting, Thomas Stiller, general manager of LU-VE Tianmen recalled that the move of the Group’s plant from Changshu (Shanghai area) to Hubei, ” is a stage in theGroup’s overseas expansion strategy, with particular focus on markets with strong growth potential. Tianmen has a particularly important value for LU-VE Group, because it allows us greater proximity to our main customers in China, a reduction in rental costs and streamlined production processes“.

LU-VE Tianmen has a total area of more than 19,000 square meters, of which 15,000 will be dedicated to production, while a two-storey building (2,000 square meters) houses the offices; another 2,000 square meters, will instead be reserved for the dormitory and canteen. The development plans also include, from 2021, a possible expansion of an additional 10,000 square metres.

“The fact that almost 90% of our Changshu employees followed us here to Tianmen, net of those who will remain in the Shanghai area to oversee our commercial office, is a matter of particular pride,” said Stiller at the end of the visit.

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