NASRC AIP Drives $0.9 Million for Nat Refs

Date: 22 February 2021
NASRC AIP Drives $0.9 Million for Nat Refs

NASRC has secured new funding for natural refrigerant projects through our Aggregated Incentives Program (AIP) Pilot, which was developed to bolster the California Air Resources Board (CARB) F-gas Reduction Incentive Program

AIP Funding Results

Of the 16 recently awarded CARB FRIP grants, $880 000 were funded through the NASRC AIP Pilot and represented

Other AIP Outcomes

In addition to awarded funds, the AIP Pilot resulted in several other exciting initiatives. Here are some of the other outcomes & next steps:

  • New Funding Support Through Carbon Offset Credits
    Through the AIP Pilot, a new funding opportunity emerged that will provide grocers funding for the sale of carbon offset credits from natural refrigerant projects. To develop a scalable market of carbon offset credits, NASRC is

  • Performance Data to Inform Industry Best PracticesTechnician Training Opportunities

  • FRIP awardees will provide technician training opportunities to support a workforce that is trained in the installation and maintenance of natural refrigerant technologies. NASRC will work with grantees and CARB to support the workforce development activities.

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