New Website Carel Healthcare

Date: 19 June 2020
New Website Carel Healthcare

At this especially delicate moment, CAREL is highlighting its knowledge and experience in indoor air quality with the launch of a new website devoted entirely to healthcare.

“Our goal is help spread awareness on the positive relationship between relative humidity control and people’s health,” commented Stefano Ruzzon, Group Head of Sales, HVAC Projects and Dealers. “Through this new website, we intend to disseminate knowledge that contributes to the creation of healthy environments, with the aim of preventing infections, increasing productivity and ensuring the comfort of patients and staff”.

With three different sections, the site highlights the close relationship between relative humidity control and air quality, and consequently personal well-being. The site features both technical diagrams and more descriptive contents, so as to provide a broad overview of the topic and make it more readily accessible to different readers. Specific documents are also available, such as white papers and success stories.

Indoor air quality, being a critical element in people’s health and well-being, has always been at the centre of CAREL’s attention. Indeed the company has acquired significant expertise in this area, the result of its extensive experience in air conditioning, air handling and humidification, as well as its participation at specialist conferences and seminars and synergies with international networks aimed at disseminating and advancing knowledge.

“The healthcare website is designed primarily for consultants who need a reliable educational tool before identifying solutions for healthcare facilities that are highly efficient and easy to install and maintain,” Ruzzon added. “At the same time, however, we hope that this site can also be a useful tool for end users, a source of valuable information regarding the impact of relative humidity on how healthy their work environment is”.

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