Nidec Global Appliance presents its institutional profile composed by its three business units

Date: 15 February 2021
Nidec Global Appliance presents its institutional profile composed by its three business units
Nidec Global Appliance presents its institutional profile composed by its three business units

After acquiring Embraco, in 2019, the company has reorganized its operations into three business units, focused on segments: home appliances, commercial appliances and HVAC.

Nidec Global Appliance, a division of the Nidec Group focused in components for domestic and commercial appliances, with headquarters in Joinville/Brazil and Pordenone/Italy, presents its new profile, divided into three business units (BU): Home Appliances, Commercial Appliances and HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning). The change was implemented throughout the last year as a further step after Embraco’s acquisition, having the goal to operate with a more dedicated focus on the specific market segments in which the division is present, increasing speed and customer focus. 

The structure is detailed in the recently launched company profile, available here, which also brings institutional information and an overview of Nidec Global Appliance’s products and brands. 

The Commercial Appliances business unit is focused on the manufacturing of compressors and condensing units to a great variety of commercial applications, which are present in supermarkets, convenience stores, bakeries, restaurants, laboratories, hospitals and others. With a diversified portfolio of segments served, the business unit stands out for its capacity to deliver solutions with high levels of energy efficiency, reliability and innovation. 

The Home Appliances business unit is dedicated to the development and manufacturing of motors for washing machines, dryers and dishwashers as well as compressors for refrigerators, in both cases exclusively to domestic applications. It counts on expert teams in each kind of product, with a deep know-how in technologies, regional technical requirements and energy efficiency regulations, ready to respond to the different needs of the world’s biggest appliances manufacturers. 

The HVAC (initials to heating, ventilation and air conditioning) manufactures motors and components to residential and commercial applications in heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems. 

“This reorganization into three business units was fundamental to maximize our operation, with a focus totally dedicated to our customers and their market segments. Our vision is to be the main partner to residential and commercial appliances industries and HVAC systems providers”, says Valter Taranzano, CEO of Nidec Global Appliance. 

In July 2019, Nidec Corporation acquired Embraco, a global provider of refrigeration technology to the whole domestic and commercial cold chain since 1971. Since the acquisition, Embraco was then integrated into Nidec Global Appliance (GA) division, which is one of Nidec’s growth platforms, combining the synergies among the group’s brands and products dedicated to residential and commercial appliances. 

Besides the Embraco brand, Nidec Global Appliance division also manufactures and commercializes Nidec motors for washing machines, dryers and dishwashers, e U.S. Motors and Rescue brands of motors and components for heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems. For that, Nidec GA counts on 14 manufacturing sites and more than 15,000 employees spread in 9 different countries. 

“Nidec Global Appliance’s brands and products differentiation is based on our ability to accelerate innovation and anticipate market trends regarding energy efficiency and miniaturization. For that, we count on approximately 600 engineers, and nine research and development centers around the world, all working in partnership with universities and constant co-development with our customers”, emphasizes the CEO. 

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