Opening of the ”school of the cold" Cantau-EptaSchool 4.0

Date: 02 July 2019
Opening of the ”school of the cold Cantau-EptaSchool 4.0

A new initiative that confirms the commitment of the Epta Group to promote training: Epta France and the multifunctional high school of Cantau, together with SEPCO Association of installers-refrigeration technicians of Bayonne and DANFOSS, will inaugurate the Cantau EptaSchool 4.0. on 1 July in Anglet, a town in the south-west of France. The Regional Council of Nouvelle Aquitaine has contributed to financing the project by allocating funds worth €110,000 in favour of this centre of excellence for training, which aims to become areference point, throughout France, for the commercial and industrial refrigeration chain.

The debut of EptaSchool 4.0 comes a few months after the opening of the Training Center for Refrigeration Technicians Luigi Nocivelli, the only professional school in Italy to train future refrigeration technicians according to UNI EN 13313 and the first school in Europe which reproduces an entire store equipped with the innovative CO2 transcritical technology, made available by Epta. Two initiatives with the purpose of enhancing refrigeration technicians, essential figures for the sector, through specific bespoke courses for young people and professionals of the refrigeration sector.

Continuous training is synonymous with a high degree of professionalism and driving force for the introduction of best practice, in favour of greater competitivity on the market. For this reason, some years ago, Epta set up the EPTAcademy in association with the SDA Bocconi School of Management. It is a medium-long term course dedicated to the management of the Epta Group, to increase managerial skills and team leadership.

The further strategic initiatives promoted by Epta feature the #24EptaTraining dedicated to all Epta Italia employees for an in-depth examination of knowledge in the technical, digital, linguistic, information technology and behavioural areas. Worthy of note is the School of Operation: dedicated to employees of the Operations area, it is projected to be opened to all Epta Italia employees. The School of Operation falls within a wider project aimed at creating different “School of” dedicated to all business departments of Epta Italy with the goal of strengthening the skills related to their specific areas.

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