Production at CAREL HQs is now operational again

Date: 22 April 2020
Production at CAREL HQs is now operational again

Production at Carel HQs is now operational again.

Following the latest regulations issued by the Italian government, and specifically the extension of the permitted ATECO codes (economic activity classification), on 15 April 2020 our Brugine plant, in Padova province, resumed a significant part of its production activities. The initiatives already put in place regarding office workers in Italy are still valid, with staff continuing to work from home in order to guarantee customer support.

“In the utmost safety, which is our top priority and since the emergency started has always exceeded the official protocols, we have faced and are continuing to face this emergency by trying to minimise the impact on the business of our customers and partners”, commented Francesco Nalini, CAREL Group CEO.
CAREL has been able to partially mitigate the effects of the lockdown put in place in Italy by operating its plants in the United States, Brazil, Germany, Croatia and China at full capacity. Indeed production capacity at the plants in the latter two countries has recently been increased to further compensate, as far as possible, for the deficit in production in Italy.
“CAREL once again confirms the utmost care being paid to managing this situation, and we will continue to take all the necessary measures to best protect the health of our employees, both in Italy and abroad”, Nalini concluded. “We’re now starting to look at the coming months, during which we will be focused on understanding the future scenarios in a world that for some time may be quite different, but in which air conditioning, refrigeration and humidification will play an even more important role in safeguarding people’s health”.

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