Qvantum Appointed for Unique Residential Development at Karlskoga

Date: 09 June 2024
Qvantum Appointed for Unique Residential Development at Karlskoga
Aggerudsvikarna in Karlskoga, one of Sweden's most spectacular new residential areas, is set to benefit from innovative heating solutions provided by Qvantum. The development features 49 townhouses with beach plots and private jetties, designed to offer luxury and comfort.

AM Construction in Örebro, responsible for the plumbing and installation, has chosen the Qvantum QE Exhaust Air Heat Pump to provide heating for the entire project. This marks one of the first large-scale installations of Qvantum’s new exhaust air heat pumps in the QE series.

AM Construction selected Qvantum after their usual supplier could not provide the necessary exhaust air heat pumps for the project. Despite Qvantum being untested in this specific application, AM Construction felt confident in their decision.

The QE series is noted for its engineering excellence. For instance, the tap water is heated via an exchanger rather than directly from the tank, eliminating the need for corrosion protection. The software is user-friendly, guiding installers step-by-step through the process, making it easy even for first-time users. Additionally, Qvantum’s customer support is highly responsive, offering real-time assistance by connecting directly to the heat pump to resolve any issues.

This collaboration highlights the innovative approach and reliability of Qvantum’s heating solutions, ensuring efficient and effective heating for the prestigious Aggerudsvikarna development.
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