RectorSeal Expands its HVAC/R Coil Cleaner Product Line

Date: 27 April 2020
RectorSeal Expands its HVAC/R Coil Cleaner Product Line

RectorSeal HVAC/R Coil Cleaners expansion creates a comprehensive coil cleaning solution with a revamped uniform, color-coded, informative packaging design.

RectorSeal has been a leader in coil cleaning research, chemical formulation and marketing since its 1996 acquisition of Stewart Hall, the renowned pioneer of HVAC/R equipment cleaning when it was founded in 1943. The doubling of the coil cleaning selections carries on the Stewart Hall legacy and now makes RectorSeal HVAC/R Coil Cleaners one of the industry’s most comprehensive coil maintenance brands.

The expansion includes Coil-Cure, one of the HVAC/R industry’s few Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)-registered evaporator coil cleaners. Coil-Cure comes is a mild strength, alkaline, foaming formula in a 18-ounce (0.53 -L) aerosol can for disinfecting viruses, bacteria, mold, mildew and other biological coil contaminants in environments requiring a sanitary indoor air quality.

The other new additions include:

  • D-Factor–a mild strength, foaming, alkaline with a heavy-duty degreaser for cleaning both condenser and evaporator coils in greasy environments;
  • Con-Coil–a maximum strength, foaming, acidic condenser coil cleaner that also brightens;
  • Renewz Dark –a foaming, alkaline condenser-cleaning formula with a distinguishable brown color;
  • Foam-Core–a high strength, alkaline formula with the product line’s maximum foaming action to reach deep into condenser coils;
  • Clean-N-Safe–a mild strength, foaming, alkaline condenser/evaporator cleaner that now comes in a concentrated gallon container to supplement its existing 20-ounce (0.59-L) aerosol application;

The expansion also includes a new uniform packaging design with one-gallon (3.7-L) transparent plastic containers, color-coding and attractive, easy-to-reference labels. The clearly outlined label design helps service techs quickly choose the appropriate cleaner for the application based on the coil-type, cleaning strength, foaming capabilities, rinsing requirements and whether it’s acidic or alkaline.

Unlike competing coil cleaners that require significant dilution, RectorSeal HVAC/R Coil Cleaners’ highly concentrated formulas offer a better value with an industry-leading range of dilution ratios. The low dilution ratio results in more applications per product, heavier duty cleansing action when needed, and reduced service truck inventories. Also unique, is nearly every formula has a foaming action, which is preferred among service technicians according to industry surveys.

Also unique is Desolv, an odorless, cleaner available in one-gallon or a 16-ounce (0.47-L) aerosol can. It is designed for the sensitive plastic parts of ductless mini-split systems and VRF/VRV evaporator coils and blowers. The Desolv family of products also includes a cleaning kit consisting of a collapsible, pliable drawstring framework that fits all mini-split evaporators, collection bags, an extendable drain orifice tube and a five-gallon (18.5-L) pail.

The expanded RectorSeal HVAC/R Coil Cleaning line is sold only at HVAC/R wholesale distributors and will be available the first quarter of 2020.

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