Refrigerant Detection for ASHRAE 15 Safety Compliance

Date: 27 January 2020
Refrigerant Detection for ASHRAE 15 Safety Compliance

During AHR Expo 2020 in Orlando, FL Bacharach will exhibit solutions for ASHRAE 15 refrigerant safety compliance, combustion & emissions analysis, leak rate reduction, VRF leak detection for occupied spaces and refrigerant gas analysis and identification. Bacharach will be exhibiting these solutions in booth # 3243 with Neutronics for the first time since the acquisition in July of 2018.

ASHRAE 15 Safety Compliance

The MGS-400 series gas detectors are for refrigerant safety applications inside mechanical rooms, freezers, cold rooms and warehouses.  The entire portfolio of products, from the MGS-408 centralized controller and the MGS-550 dual gas detector, to the innovative infra-red sensing technologies of the Multi-Zone and MGS-250, there are complete solutions to comply with ASHRAE 15 and 378. With integrated strobes & horns, and fault & alarm relays, analog outputs and Modbus interface can be configured to interact with building automation systems. Ease of configuration and calibration is enhanced with the mobile app.

Features include:

  • Supports regulatory compliance with ASHRAE 15
  • Audible/Visual alarms with High/Low alarm levels
  • Flexible deployment for standalone detection or multi-detector systems
  • Engineered for refrigeration applications to -40°C
  • Intuitive configuration for fast installation and set-up with a mobile app
  • Audit trail and field calibration certificates through the mobile app

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