Safe A level exams thanks to Clivet air renewal systems

Date: 21 June 2020
Safe A level exams thanks to Clivet air renewal systems

The final exams of the second cycle of education, known in Italy as Exams of Maturity, which are taking place in these days, will surely be remembered for the peculiar situation. The teaching activities have been suspended since the end of February due to the Covid-19 pandemic and only from Monday June 15th - the date of the start of the Exam operations - the teachers returned to school and on June 17th also the students returned.

The Italian Ministry issued very stringent rules to minimize the risk of contagion, such as use of masks, distance of at least 2 meters, presence of sanitizing liquid dispenser, sanitization of classrooms, constant air renewal, timetables and routes checked, etc.

CLIVET, a reference company operating for more than thirty years in the air conditioning sector, has always been attentive to the crucial role that air conditioning systems play to guarantee air renewal and quality and the consequent reduction of the risk of spreading viruses.

In particular, the controlled mechanical ventilation is strategic, with the introduction of purified and handled external air and the simultaneous extraction and expulsion of stale air, above all with such a worrying pandemic.

As reported by professor Alessandro Bee - Head of the school of the Istituto Superiore in Feltre - "A level exams began on June 15th and, in the multimedia room of Negrelli-Forcellini Technical Institute Clivet ELFOFresh EVO air renewal and purification system has been installed, allowing exams to be conducted guaranteeing air quality and high safety standards for Candidates and the Commission. In fact, the system has electronic filters to reduce the levels of fine dust, pollen, bacteria and viruses present in the air ".

The professor Alessandro Mento - head of the Technical Office of the Istituto Superiore in Feltre - added: "The challenge was to equip our school in record time with a system that would allow us to extract stale air and introduce purified air already in part heated or cooled so as to simultaneously guarantee comfort and air quality.

We chose Clivet ELFOFresh EVO system which is equipped with electronic filters with high microbicide power and active thermodynamic recovery of the energy contained in the expelled air, which allows to reduce energy consumption ".

With these considerations, the installation of this type of system in school buildings is highly recommended because, in addition to compliance with the preventive measures prescribed by current regulations, it allows to face the resumption of lessons in September with less risks.

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