SANHA first to obtain a certificate for hydrogen

Date: 18 September 2019
SANHA first to obtain a certificate for hydrogen
SANHA first to obtain a certificate for hydrogen
The preservation and improvement of the environment are high priorities within SANHA. 

Social concern about the CO2 problem is currently the main driver for looking for an alternative to fossil fuels.

Hydrogen is in many ways the perfect fuel because it can be produced sustainably by converting water into hydrogen and oxygen using electricity - from wind or sun. When hydrogen is converted into electricity or heat, it is not CO2 that is released, but just water. Network companies see great potential for hydrogen in the energy transition: as a means of storing sustainably generated energy, as a raw material for industry and possibly also as a replacement for natural gas and as a possible fuel for vehicles of all kinds.

Compared to many other forms of energy, hydrogen has a very high energy density per unit weight. Because weight is very relevant in energy demand for transport, the high density per kg of hydrogen is a major advantage in this application.

Hydrogen can be seen as an alternative – or rather, an improvement – of natural gas technology. Currently, a lot of research is being done using hydrogen streets to find out whether natural gas can be replaced by hydrogen in the future. Part of this research consists of checking whether adjustments are needed to the distribution network. Research by the Kiwa certification institute has discovered that the existing gas distribution networks are suitable for transporting 100 % hydrogen, with a few minor modifications.

In cooperation with Kiwa, SANHA has carried out tests to determine whether its piping systems, and more specifically the press fitting systems, are resistant to hydrogen. These tests all had a positive result. As a result SANHA was the first manufacturer of piping systems to obtain a certificate for hydrogen.

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