SANHA has added the dimension 2 5/8" of RefHP fittings

Date: 03 June 2020
SANHA has added the dimension 2 5/8 of RefHP fittings
SANHA GmbH & Co. KG has now added the dimension 2 5/8" to its range of reliable RefHP high-pressure fittings. This is the first time that an economical and time-saving realisation of refrigeration and cooling lines in this dimension is available.

The fittings of the "SANHA RefHP" brand (Series 29000) include high-pressure brazing fittings for copper-iron alloyed pipes for use in pipelines of cooling systems. These brazing fittings are made of the material copper-iron (CuFe2P, CW107C). SANHA has been actively offering this series for several years for high-pressure systems that are operated with CO2 as a cooling medium, for example. The application range extends up to 130 bar and temperatures from -196 to 150 degrees Celsius.

In air conditioning and refrigeration technology, especially in commercial or industrial cooling systems, environmentally friendly solutions are becoming more and more important. Optimum results are promised above all by increased efficiency and the use of ecologically harmless refrigerants such as CO2 (R744), which are used primarily in the transcritical range with higher operating pressures. Especially with larger dimensions such as 2 1/8" the demand is growing. This also applies to the dimension 2 5/8", which is used in industrial plants and large refrigeration circuits. SANHA now also offers this dimension and thus covers the entire range of CuFe fittings for the high-pressure range.

The RefHP series solder fittings offer a number of advantages over classic welded connections with stainless steel or brass. For example, brazing is about two and a half times faster than TIG welding. In addition to the time savings, lower labour costs and less training for welding specialists speak for the use of RefHP copper-iron fittings. The series can be combined with all common tubes made of the same material.

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