Sanhua Participate in the B20 2018 Taskforce Meeting

Date: 19 June 2018
As an important part of G20, Business 20 Argentina Joint Taskforce meet during the OECD Week, in Paris, on May 28 and 29th. This B20 was overwhelmed by the support and endorsement, it received from the participation of more than 450 of its members. Dr. Huang Lin-jie, VP and Chief Scientist of Sanhua Holding Group, as Sanhua's representitive, took part in the conference and shared Sanhua’s proposals upon Energy, Resource Efficiency and Sustainability (ERES) Policy Paper Draft. The ERES session was chaired by Miguel Gutierrez (ERES Chair & YPF CEO). He opened the session with acknowledgement to all the taskforce members for their consistent input for the ERES policy paper draft. He mentioned that the global climate change has posed a great challenge to all of us, and it is urgent and necessary to mobilize global power to accelerate the transitions towards a low carbon, sustainable and equitable future as mandated by the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The second agenda was the ERES Policy Recommendations Working Session. Among many recommendations, ERES draft paper comments imputed 119 recommendations from more than 20 taskforce members (until May 28th). Two of Sanhua proposals have been brought the ERES Policy Draft Paper. Namely 1. Accelerating the Transitions Section • Promoting HP system application in HVAC&R worldwide: by taking advantage of technology and products in HP, HX, inverter control, valves and micro channel heater to replace coal use • Promoting related regulations and standards to restrict carbon emissions and reward energy savings. 2. Increasing the Energy Efficiency Section • Encourage offices and households energy efficiency with efficient HP system to be upgraded from COP 0.9 to COP 3.0 • Encourage electric vehicle energy efficiency with HP system to be upgraded from COP 0.9 to COP 3.0. • Promote renewables adoption and formulate standards to improve energy efficiency. The two proposals are highly recognized by ERES Chair Mr. Miguel Gutierrez,he emphasized that the energy industry, have not only the responsibility but also the skills, know how, innovative technologies and applied creativity, to help shape the future towards cleaner alternatives. The B20 ERES Task Force offers a unique opportunity to play a leading role in the dialogue and the collective construction of cleaner energy transitions for the region and globally. Based on International Monetary Fund World Economic Outlook (April, 2018) prediction that the global growth continues to strengthen in 2018, the global investment and trade continue to rise. The economic recovery opens a window of recovery. However, in the face of global issues such as climate change, refugee crisis, trade friction, cyber security, water resources management and marine environment, it is still necessary and urgent for ries to strengthen global cooperation. To tackle with those challenges, B20 Argentina has proposed the following task forces: employment & education, digital economy & industry 4.0, financing growth & infrastructure, trade & investment, sustainable food systems, energy, resource efficiency & sustainability, SMEs development, integrity and compliance.The ERES taskforce this year engages 164 representatives as significant players, like knowledge partner Mckinsey & Company, network partner Global Business Coalition(GBC), as well as coination group members like BASF, Siemens, YPF, Pan American Energy, Philips Lighting, China HUANENG Group, and Sanhua Holding Group etc. The meeting is the highest level in-person conference even since Argentina B20 took over the baton from Germany B20. It has sparked the debate about the recommendations, policies and actions. The final Taskforce on Energy, Resource Efficiency and Sustainability (ERES) Policy Paper will be proposed at the 2018 G20 summit in Buenos Aires from Nov 30th to Dec. 1st.
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