Secop at China Refrigeration 2021

Date: 22 April 2021
Secop at China Refrigeration 2021
Secop at China Refrigeration 2021
Secop at China Refrigeration 2021
Secop at China Refrigeration 2021

From April 7–9, Secop presented its brand-new visual identity and outlook at the China Refrigeration Exhibition 2021 held at Shanghai New Int’l Expo Centre two years after the last show in Shanghai. On display were Secop’s leading compressor technologies along with the company’s commitment to social and environmental responsibility.

Broad Portfolio with Customized Solutions

The Secop booth showcased light commercial, battery-driven, and special cooling applications featuring advanced compressor solutions with a focus on variable speed, energy-optimized, and hydrocarbon refrigerant products.
During the expo, many professionals from the industry visited the Secop booth and expressed great interest in our products.
A compact design, high efficiency, and stable reliability are the main strengths of Secop hermetic compressors with more than 60 years of a proven track record in quality, market insight, and continuous innovation. Secop is committed to delivering advanced refrigeration compressors and controls, offering customers tailored sustainable solutions.

SLVE18CN Wins Innovation Product Award

Thanks to forward-looking technology innovation and excellent product performance, the SLVE18CN won the “2021 China Refrigeration Exhibition Innovative Products” award among 112 products from 52 entries. The launch ceremony was held on April 6 at the Jumeirah Himalayan Hotel in Shanghai. Liu Shujing, General Manager of Secop China received the “Innovation Product” award on behalf of Secop.
Secop’s new SLVE18CN is the most powerful hermetic reciprocating R290 variable speed compressor available on the market. This compressor offers the best balance of performance, application envelope  and reliability, and can handle all LBP & MBP conditions with evaporating temperatures from -45°C to +10°C. Perfect cooling efficiency, tailor-made features, and easy integration make it possible for the compressor to reach consumption reduction up to 40% vs. a R404A solution and noise reduction up to 8–12dB(A) in the cooling system. Together with our °CCD® controller, which is integrated with different speed controls and provides the best protection level IP54 as well as the extended control possibilities, it becomes the perfect choice for food retail, food service, and other commercial applications.

Active Contribution to World Health and Hygiene

The COVID-19 outbreak in 2020 has brought further attention to the importance of biosafety. In this exhibition, Secop set up a special area dedicated to the medical cold chain which displayed its stationary and mobile medical cold chain solutions.
New highly effective mRNA-based vaccines for COVID-19, Ebola, and CGTs, etc. require ultra-low storage and transportation temperatures for all phases across the entire cold chain. Our compressor and control solutions in different applications are officially certified by the WHO (World Health Organization) to support global access to vaccines. With the SDD (Solar Direct Drive) solution, we are able to support the distribution of vaccines also to those regions which experience difficult grid and severe ambient conditions.
Our stationary and mobile solutions as well as the new developments make us a reliable partner for leading companies in supporting the development of a global ULT (ultra-low temperature) supply chain. Secop has contributed its knowledge, experience, and responsibility to the global health cause.
Secop is working on a new product series dedicated to medical and ULT (ultra-low) applications. More information on this topic will be released soon.

Technical Seminar and Case Studies

As a leading compressor manufacturer, Secop gave a presentation on the Cold Chain and Compressor Subforum at the Ozone2Climate Industry Roundtable 2021.
Li He, Application Manager of Secop China and Asia-Pacific, shared the value and technical revolution the variable speed solution could bring to the retail segment in the cold chain.
Secop is committed to driving energy efficiency improvements and provide customers with optimized system solutions. Take a 567 liter supermarket freezer as an example. By replacing the R404A fixed- speed compressor with a NLV variable-speed drive compressor using R290 refrigerant and additional system optimization, the energy consumption of the cabinet can be reduced by nearly 50%. This easily meets the energy efficiency level 1 in China. In addition, the compressor displacement can be reduced from 12cc to 8cc, the refrigerant charge can be reduced by 54%, and the pull-down time was reduced by 8%.

More Opportunities on the Chinese and Asian Markets

Industry media “ChinaIOL” was granted an exclusive interview with Liu Shujing, General Manager of Secop China. Liu Shujing confirmed that Secop Group will continue to increase its investment in China in order to meet the needs of the Chinese and Asian markets, and constantly consolidating and strengthening our differentiated competitive advantages. At the same time, the growth of Secop’s China plant will be further enhanced, including investments into new production lines, the implementation of localization projects, etc.
We are fully confident about our efforts to develop the Chinese and Asian markets further and strive to be the first choice for partners searching for leading-edge refrigeration solutions and a premium customer experience.

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