Secop successfully closes out its 60th fiscal year

The leading compressor manufacturer further expands its line of propane compressors

The German compressor manufacturer, Secop GmbH wrapped up the end of 2016 with a positive outlook. Headquartered in Flensburg, Northern Germany, and emerged out of Danfoss Compressors GmbH in 2010, Secop’s use of natural refrigerants, energy efficiency and speed control is the driving force behind the company’s strategy. The highlight of the year was the company’s presence at the leading industry event Chillventa 2016, showcasing new and intelligent compressor solutions.

Natural refrigerants on the rise

In the 1990’s Secop had already begun using environmentally friendly hydrocarbons such as R290 (propane) and R600a (isobutane) as refrigerants. Since then the company continued developing climate friendly compressor solutions. The move to reduce fluorinated hydrocarbons (HFCs) which has been in process for years, has favored this strategic decision. On October 14th of this year, the participating countries agreed at a meeting in Rwanda’s capital Kigali on the further reduction of HFCs as refrigerants. Scientists expect that the extension of the Montreal Protocol will prevent a temperature increase of 0,5 degrees Celsius before the end of this century. “We are very happy about this particular result of the negotiations in Rwanda and feel ourselves encouraged in our early commitment towards hydrocarbons as refrigerants”, says Mogens Søholm, CEO of Secop. Hydrocarbons have a significantly lowered Global Warming Potential (GWP) compared to the widely used HFCs. An additional advantage is the nature of the compound; unlike energy- and resource-intensive production of HFCs, hydrocarbons can be mined and used directly from nature.

Variable Speed Drive – Setting the standard for modern commercial refrigeration

With their VSD-line, Secop brings compressors with variable speed and energy optimized components to the market. The compressors can be adjusted to the actual system requirements. Higher initial temperatures and a lower point of condensation provide a higher efficiency and energy savings up to 40 percent. The small dimensions additionally grant a higher net volume of the cabinet itself. All settings can be adjusted and optimized through Secop’s software Tool4Cool®.

Secop at Chillventa 2016

An additional highlight of this year was Secop’s presence at Chillventa 2016, showcasing intelligent compressor solutions for the three main segments: household, commercial and mobile refrigeration. Apart from the new SLVE-compressor, there was also a bottle cooler – equipped with a Secop compressor – out of the latest models of premium car manufacturer Bentley, and also the industry leading XV-compressor to look at. With a measurement of exactly 100 mm in height, the XV-series can increase the net volume of refrigerators by up to 20 liters. During the three days of the fair, Secop’s employees were welcoming numerous guests from all global markets. The summary of the trade fair was entirely positive. CEO Mogens Søholm stated at the fair, “We are very proud to share the next step towards more efficient refrigeration in the form of our new product lines with all of our guests and customers.” secop_1 Read more
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