shecco launches low-charge ammonia guide

Date: 14 August 2019
shecco launches low-charge ammonia guide
shecco has today published the first of a three-part report, World Guide to Low-Charge Ammonia, that provides insights into the fast-growing technology.

The first part of the guide highlights key features of ammonia (NH3) as a refrigerant and describes the history of its use.

“The use of low-charge ammonia has emerged as one of the key trends in the industrial refrigeration industry in the last few years,” said Klara Zolcer Skačanová market development manager for shecco, publisher of this website. The report, she added, “aims to identify the underlying trends for low-charge ammonia technology in different parts of the world.”

The second part will describe the variety of applications of low-charge NH3 technology around the world, and outline standards and legislation on the area.

Part three will focus on key trends for low-charge NH3 technology in different regions, its advantages, drivers and major challenges in today’s market. shecco expects to publish part two and three later this year.

The initial report addresses the definition of low-charge ammonia. “The term ‘low-charge ammonia’ is not well defined yet; a clear definition and distinction from traditional ammonia systems is essential to strengthen the position of low-charge systems,” said Skačanová.

“Low-charge ammonia has the potential to not only replace traditional ammonia systems but also HFCs in applications where it was not possible to use ammonia before,” she noted.

Read the full report here.

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