The Arneg Group placed its bet on the MELTING POT at Euroshop

Date: 24 February 2020
The Arneg Group placed its bet on the MELTING POT at Euroshop
The Arneg Group placed its bet on the MELTING POT at Euroshop
The Arneg Group placed its bet on the MELTING POT at Euroshop
The Arneg Group placed its bet on the MELTING POT at Euroshop
In an event packed with stimuli and previews of future market trends, the Arneg Group placed its bet on the MELTING POT theme that also provided the key concept for stand.
Contact, discussion, synthesis, sharing and synergy are the tools that the Arneg Group has chosen to interpret contemporary trends and to turn a new page in virtuous and responsible growth.

On a stand of 2,600 square metres, group presented new products and solutions in line with a business philosophy increasingly oriented towards a combination of Italian design and internationalisation, a marriage between innovation and sustainability, ethics and culture, and global production that respects personalisation and craftsmanship. Men and women all over the world are the driving force behind this new synergy because energy for change can only be generated by a MELTING POT OF PEOPLE.

The stand furnishings were eye-catch- ing and emotionally high-impact in the best ARNEG tradition. Visitors were welcomed into a dynamic, colourful, stimulating, experiential and relational space made up of theme-based areas, retail concepts and meeting places populated by innovative solutions synergically created by the companies in our group (ARNEG, INTRAC, INCOLD and OSCARTIELLE), proving that diversity is a value and synergy a key factor in growth.
The Arneg Group‘s openness to the themes of PERSONALISATION and CUSTOM DESIGN, carefully selected materials, finishes and colours, found its maximum expression in the gourmet area that featured spaces dedicated to meat, fish and cheese tasting and recreated the atmosphere of a typical store. Inside the stand were innovative display solutions created by Arneg group companies, embodying the very latest technology and promoting “food culture” attractively and evocatively.

The theme that dominated the stand in many ways was that of low environmental impact, high performance and SMART TECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATION. The many new products and ideas on display included: the advanced DAYTONA refrigerated island with a hot-food end section heated by thermal energy recovered from the island‘s CO2 refrigeration system; our innovative TRIPLE AIR WALL technology in a low-consumption, multi-deck vertical cabinet in which the door has been replaced by an effective but invisible triple air curtain; and our new INDUCTION HOT-FOOD ISLAND, a high performance, fast, safe and low consumption alternative to conventional heating-element versions.
There was PANORAMA BOX too, the result of intensive research R&D and application of the latest concepts in refrigeration, presentation and distribution. This innovative solution, fruit of synergy between Incold and Intrac, combines display and storage in a single transparent, self-supporting unit. Original display formulae, for promoting a multifaceted world of products and solutions and for optimising sales, included Oscartielle‘s multifunctional PREMIUM, MAJOR   2 KOALA displays and BRIONI 3, a highly versatile, innovative and stylish “flavour container”. Finally, there were the latest advances in check-outs, like ERGO FRONT, the check-out that embodies the best of Intrac research and offers unrivalled ergonomics, functionality and design.

The concept of SHARING, a keyword for the ARNEG GROUP, was expressed technologically through  advanced  services and solutions for monitoring, comparing, forecasting and optimising performance and consumption. Like the “Technological Sharing” represented by BEMS (Arneg‘s Building Energy Management System), an on-line platform that dialogues with all in-store technologies, and IRMOS (Incold Remote Monitoring System), an advanced monitoring system for remote door control, instant diagnosis, and customised assistance and maintenance.

Related to technological innovation in more ways than one were the major international themes of ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY, ECO-FRIENDLY DESIGN, ENERGY SAVING and ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION. “The more we recycle, the less material we need to produce and the less we pollute the planet. This benefits the environment and human health”. This principle forms the basis of the virtuous, 96% recycling process that the Arneg Group implements, covering all the components in its refrigerated cabinets. This process was recounted in a video that shows in detail how steel, glass, plastic, copper and polyurethane are fully recycled for use in new products.

The theme of BIODIVERSITY was covered by a dedicated area that paid homage to the SVALBARD GLOBAL SEED VAULT, the gigantic depositary that holds seeds from all over the world, safe in the permafrost. Apart from highlighting important contemporary issues, this virtuous example also suggested an interesting discussion. The refrigeration systems supplied by the Arneg Group protect excellent international foods and wines just as the Seed Vault protects global biodiversity!

FOOD CULTURE, in all its international expressions and combinations, was promoted in the catering areas where visitors could savour masterpieces of flavour, created by Italian chefs, combining typical ingredients from countries around the world. This delicious and muchappreciated blend of ITALIAN CUISINE and INTERNATIONAL FOOD CULTURE conveyed to the palate how the Arneg Group is a global business that speaks not just Italian but every other world language too.

The success of this year‘s recently-concluded edition owes a lot to the PEOPLE who are the real strength of Arneg. An extraordinary MELTING POT of men and women of all races and nationalities was also displayed on the gigantic moni- tors in the heart of the stand above which flew the flags of the whole world. Knowing that people are the vital energy of Arneg and the future of the world too, we never stop investing in this unique and precious resource.

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