The FanScout selection program from ebm-papst is now available

Date: 21 December 2023
The FanScout selection program from ebm-papst is now available
Choosing the right fan solution for a particular application is crucial to the performance and efficiency of the system as a whole. If the fan is not powerful enough, it will not deliver the volume of air required. If the fan is too big, it may not work economically. The FanScout web-based selection tool from ebm‑papst can help with this.

The new version can be operated conveniently and intuitively in a browser, so the right fan can be found even faster. No installation is required for this, no updates are necessary, and users can be sure that they are always working with the latest data.

Individual product filters are available to narrow down the right fans in the first step, where up to five application-specific operating points and the required operating times can be entered for a fan, for example. Additional filters are available for voltage, frequency, mains type, and the desired motor technology (AC or EC). Information on the installation space, size, maximum permissible noise levels, etc. narrow down the appropriate results even further. The selection tool automatically calculates whether a single fan or several fans - a FanGrid - is the right solution.

FanScout also suggests the number of fans that can be used to satisfy the requirements of the application in the most energy-efficient way. All relevant product data is displayed and can be compared at a glance, including operating point data, dimensions and specific measurement data. If you want more technical details, you can also use the expert mode, which shows efficiency curves, for example.

And there is also an option to determine the life cycle costs of the best combination. All data sheets and operating instructions are available in several languages in the download area. Anyone looking for a particularly resource-efficient fan will also find what they are looking for. The Sustainability Report shows the CO2 emissions of the individual fans clearly in table form.

The results of the selection tool can be shared with others at any time. PDF export can also be used to save the selection in a clear and printable manner. The user can register at site ebmpapst.

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