The New Generation Of Digital Services CAREL RED

Date: 18 March 2020
The New Generation Of Digital Services CAREL RED
CAREL, a multinational specialising in control solutions for the air conditioning, refrigeration and air humidification sectors, presents RED, the new generation of digital services designed for supermarket chains. With upgraded content, technology and interface, the new portal is the ideal solution for controlling systems and reducing management costs. System optimisation, improved food quality levels and lower maintenance costs are all objectives that can be achieved with RED. 
Simplification of complex systems
The level of digitalisation and connectivity now available in systems thanks to the new boss family monitoring solutions allows data to be acquired from the installed units. Regardless of who the unit was manufactured by, the protocol used or the data format, CAREL ensures that the necessary information is always available. The new RED portal in fact makes it possible to effectively use the collected data, providing the information relating to each system in a usable and easily comparable way. If not properly processed, the data collected by supermarkets are often complex: indeed, there may be units made by different manufacturers, different environmental conditions, systems with configurations and performance that are never the same as each other developed by installation technicians with different processes, habits and experiences. “Recognition of critical patterns and identification of improvement actions are tasks for a small number of experts when starting from raw data”, commented Serena Ometto, After Sales & Services Sales&Marketing Manager. “This why at CAREL we want to provide our skills and technologies to help manage such complexity more simply: exploiting decades of experience in real field applications, thermodynamic expertise acquired in laboratory analysis and modern data mining and artificial intelligence technologies, RED provides practical and easily understandable information”. 
Preventive maintenance
CAREL supports its customers’ service departments with the aim of optimising system maintenance processes. Using RED, a problem on a system is immediately correlated with the behaviour of similar units installed in the field. Possible malfunctions due to the same cause are highlighted in order to manage preventive maintenance activities before the problem spreads further. 
Manual configurations indeed often prevent retailers from achieving their energy consumption optimisation targets. RED on the other hand can easily identify any behaviour that does not comply with the defined standards and eliminate unnecessary energy consumption. Standards can be defined by exploiting the experience of hundreds of systems. RED enables automatic control of all installed units and can be used to improve system performance and quality indicators.
Integrated services
CAREL’s proposal, always focused on providing control solutions that guarantee optimisation of performance and consumption, has now been enriched with digital services that extend the concept of efficiency: thanks to RED, CAREL can work alongside its customers to optimise all system management processes and achieve the planned sustainability targets.
“The new RED solution is part of a broader corporate strategy aimed at improving the level of service provided to customers”, Serena Ometto added. “With this in mind, at the beginning of 2020, a new organisational unit was created, called After-Sales & Service, with the aim of strengthening our commitment in after-sales and services, areas where the company sees important opportunities for growth”. 
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