Thermo King: Product Enhancements On The Direct Drive Range


Thermo King has made some significant improvements on the B-100 and V-series multi-temp ranges.

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There’s a newcomer to the B-100 range – the all new B-100 30. Here are some key facts:
    <li>Adds electric heating option to the current B100 10 (R134a)</li>
    <li>Same compact dimensions, same high performance</li>
    <li>Constant electrical cooling and electrical heating capacities</li>
    <li>Cooling and heating capacities independent from the vehicle engine & ambient temperature</li>
    <li>Compatible with vehicles equipped with original AC system</li>
    <li>No drive kit necessary  so no vehicle modification necessary</li>
    <li>Ideal for home delivery and pharma “last mile” applications.</li>
There’s a software enhancement for all Spectrum models in the V-series range which will bring some important benefits - it’s called Zone Priority:
    <li>Prioritises either cooling or heating in the chosen compartment</li>
    <li>Pulldown will be up to 40% faster</li>
    <li>Highly flexible:  user can choose which compartment to prioritise and do it automatically or manually, or turn off the function.</li>
The September launch of the new V-500 Spectrum ES500 & ES100N has already won significant orders on account of these significant advantages:
    <li>Narrower evaporator means much more flexibility</li>
    <li>Ideal for home delivery applications which use very small compartments</li>
    <li>No loss in total capacity when compared to other V-500 Spectrum configurations.</li>

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