Turbocor compressors ready for operation

Date: 05 March 2019
Turbocor compressors ready for operation
Turbocor compressors ready for operation

Now, customers and guests are able to see our products in operation. Three large Turbocor compressors are installed behind a glass wall in the meeting center at Danfoss Headquarters, Denmark.

The installation will provide cooling for the ventilation system and other cooling systems in the main office building.

The new Danfoss Turbocor showroom was inaugurated by Danfoss Cooling Segment President, Jürgen Fischer:
”With this we showcase our own Danfoss Turbocor compressors technology. Often these kinds of installations are hidden in the basement, but now we put them on display and demonstrate how we take our own medicine when it comes to energy efficiency,” he says.

The chillers are equipped with Danfoss Turbocor compressors. They replace an old ammonia-based refrigeration plant and have a three times higher efficiency. To be more precise, they save 165,000 kWh annually on the electricity bill - and almost 40 tonnes of CO2.

The chillers are built by the company engie, who specializes in energy efficient solutions. The smallest chiller delivers 250 kW cooling, the large 466 kW. The chillers use the environmentally friendly refrigerant R-1234ze with a Global Warming Potential (GWP) number of 7.

Jürgen Hornung, CEO of engie Germany: “Thank you for the partnership we have had for the past ten years, and I wish you a lot of success with the new showroom; the most energy efficient chiller in the world.

The showroom is an active Application Development Center used for customer visits.
The inauguration was on February 25.

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