UK Energy Technology List Scheme: Results of the 2020 consultation

Date: 23 June 2021
UK Energy Technology List Scheme: Results of the 2020 consultation

The UK Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) ran this consultation in mod 2020. It received input from 18 respondents. Of interest is the overview published on 12 June 2021 that includes future orientations and therefore is of importance to manufacturers operating in or exporting to the UK.

Energy Technology Criteria List (ETCL) 2021

With 18 respondents, the 2020 consultation may not look impressive. On the other hand, the update of the ETCL by BEIS does provide pointers for the future.

For the products listed one finds a description of the scope, definitions, requirements, measurements and calculations, verification for the ETCL and more importantly a date when the revision for a product is scheduled as well as an illustrative indication of future directions.

For most products, the present European Ecodesign are listed, which gives some comfort in the short term. Of the products covered within the scope of Eurovent, one finds:

  • Heat pumps (9 types)
  • Heating recovery ventilation units
  • HVAC (4 types including evaporative air coolers)
  • Motors and drives (3 types)
  • Refrigeration equipment (12 types including chiller, condensers, refrigerated display cabinets)

It is not clear if the future consultations would be hosted by BEIS or outsourced to consultants. Up to now BEIS has hosted 4 consultations in the field of Ecodesign.

Only one referred to products covered by Eurovent; refrigerated display cabinets (in a set with other products). The outcome of this consultation was published on 31 March.

Brexit – placing goods on the UK market

It may be useful to keep in mind that the 1 June 2021 guidance by the UK Authorities reads, similar to the initial guidance of 31 December 2020:

Appoint an authorised or responsible person in the UK

Great Britain does not recognise authorised representatives and responsible persons based in the EU.

If you need to (or choose to) use an authorised representative or responsible person, they will need to be based in the UK for products being placed on the GB market.

Brexit – Northern Ireland

It can be expected that with time product requirement in the UK (England, Scotland, Wales) would differ from those in the European Union. One must also keep in mind that Northern Ireland has a specific status.

On 11 June a guidance was published for businesses who place certain products on the Northern Ireland market that will take effect from 16 July 2021.

The update the UK published on 08 June 2021 about its relationship with the EU. It is similar to the earlier publication and does not contain changes in the short chapter on importing and exporting good. It is however not up to date regarding Northern Ireland.

The UK guidance on UKCA marking has been updated on 01 June 2021.

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