Williams Refrigeration are extending products on natural hydrocarbon refrigerants

Williams Refrigeration has a comprehensive range of products that operate on natural hydrocarbon refrigerants and as part of our continued eco-design initiatives we are further extending its use during the course of 2018. The following provides some detail regarding industry phase-out dates for refrigerants currently used by Williams in its equipment.

Modular Equipment

Refrigerants with a GWP of 2500 will be banned from use in new appliances manufactured from 2020. This ban includes the refrigerant R404A which is commonly used in coldroom and modular equipment. Williams has therefore adopted R452A as an alternative refrigerant that is of equal performance, whilst also offering an environmental benefit of a lower GWP. R452A is seen as a viable alternative until at least 2030. R134a has a GWP of 1430 and currently has no regulated phase-out date. As part of our continued product development strategy, Williams is currently evaluating refrigerants with lower GWP's for future use and application within our products.

Natural Refrigerants

We are expecting a change in current regulations that will allow an increase in the natural refrigerant charge that is permissible in a given refrigeration system. Where an increase in system charge is permissible, Williams will proactively convert appliances in our range to natural refrigerant technology.

Plug – in / Reach-in Equipment

Refrigerants with a GWP of 2500 or more will be banned from 2020, including R404A. Refrigerants with a GWP of 150 or more will be banned from 2022. This includes R134a. Both R404A and R134a will be replaced by natural refrigerants R290 and R600a during the course of 2018, where feasible to do so.

Field Service

Williams will continue to support and service HFC products by offering suitable alternative refrigerants as it stands until 2030.
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