Advansor introduces the Tower is one of the small refrigeration with in the product portfolio of CO2

Date: 13 November 2019
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Advansor introduce the Tower is one of the small refrigeration with in the product portfolio of CO2

Product Portfolio Entirely On CO2
• Exclusive focus on CO2
• Focus on food retail and industrial segment with a broad span of capacity needs
• Wide range of features that ensure reliability, temperature quality and low operating costs
• Easy to install and service friendly
• Patented design of receiver and air conditioning
• Well proven and very robust design

When floor space is limited, the only way is up
• Small footprint and high capacity; probably the highest kW
capacity pr. m2 of any rack in the world.
• The rack is constructed as a single unit on a steel frame.
This design results in a compact unit that can be installed
in places where space is limited.
• As well as the footprint, there are only minimal setup

Standard Equipment

  • Patented Internal Heat Exchanger in Reciever
  • Frequency Inverter on MT1

Controllers Available
  • Wurm
  • Danfoss

Standard Design Pressures
  • High Pressure: 120 bar
  • Receiver Pressure: 60 bar
  • MT Suction Pressure: 52 (45) bar
  • LT Suction Pressure: 30 bar

Options Available
  • Frequency Inverter on LT1
  • Discharge Manifold Connected to Safety Valves
  • Energy Meter
  • CO
  • 2 Low Level Switch
  • Standard Enclosure for Low Noise
  • Enclosure for Low Noise and Outdoor
  • Installation
  • MT only

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