Arneg Introduced The Refrigerated Display That Generates Heat

Date: 18 June 2024
Arneg Introduced The Refrigerated Display That Generates Heat
Compact, versatile, and equipped with Arneg’s revolutionary Hot & Cold technology, Andorra is a vertical wall display that combines both hot and cold sections without the need for heating elements. Thanks to its compact dimensions, Andorra adapts easily to all retail contexts.

The Technology

Hot & Cold is an exclusive new technology developed and patented by Arneg. This unique solution combines hot and cold sections in one display without needing heating elements in the heated part. Available in the Andorra cabinet, Hot & Cold technology recovers thermal energy that would normally be lost to the environment from the high-pressure side of a transcritical CO2 cycle and uses it to heat the products in the upper section of the display to a core temperature of 65°C or above.

The Right Solution for All Stores

Thanks to a compact design that maximizes transparency and enhances product presentation, this wall display is ideal for use in a wide variety of stores, including supermarkets, corner stores, service stations, delis, airports, convenience stores, and any 24-hour retail outlet selling hot or take-away meals. The ability to create hot and cold sections within the same cabinet makes it possible to display a wide range of products at very different temperatures, including soft drinks, dairy products, sushi, soups, first course dishes, and more.

Efficient and Sustainable

Inside, the display uses CO2 as a refrigerant, a natural solution that dramatically reduces impact on the environment. The use of CO2 also eliminates all flammable gases, greatly increasing levels of safety.

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