Arneg presents VENEZIA LX and KORINTHOS 3

Date: 21 March 2022
Arneg presents VENEZIA LX and KORINTHOS 3
Arneg presents VENEZIA LX and KORINTHOS 3
Arneg presents VENEZIA LX and KORINTHOS 3, two wonderfully panoramic refrigerated counters that combine serve-over and self-service functionalities for a more personal approach to product display.

Both counters come in complete product lines. Various types are available along with refrigerated and heated counter versions to add value to all kinds of food offering: hot and cold deli, meat, bakery and patisserie, cold cuts, dairy and much more.

VENEZIA LX and KORINTHOS 3 can be extensively customised in materials and finishes and can be equipped with a wide range of accessories.

VENEZIA LX: self-service and serve-over, side by side

With VENEZIA LX, offering served and pre-packaged products from the same counter has never been easier.

The deli module is positioned directly alongside the self-service module. A tower version is also available and finally, to complete the range, a semi-vertical refrigerated counter version can be added for separate use.

Versatile and with a wide range of multiplexing options, VENEZIA LX lets you create evolved layouts in all kinds of retail context.

KORINTHOS 3: serve-over and self-service, one in front of the other

KORINTHOS 3 is not just another counter. By combining serve-over and self-service sections one in front of the other, it gives the customer far greater freedom of choice. Because the self-service section is located directly in front of the serve-over section, KORINTHOS 3 provides an ideal solution for displaying fresh pre-cut products for customers in a hurry, and for cross-selling items selected to satisfy the most demanding.

Lights and decks are strategically positioned to create a panoramic display that draws customers' attention and invites them to pick out products that are within easier reach than ever before.

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