Capital Cooling launches technology-driven coldrooms

Date: 07 March 2020
Capital Cooling launches technology-driven coldrooms
The KubePlus and KubeUltimate coldrooms are the result of an extensive research and development process, with Capital Cooling utilising leading technology to give the two ranges their own unique properties for chilling and freezing.

An off-the-shelf solution, the KubePlus is designed with reliability, ease-of-installation and minimal hassle operation in mind. These benefits make it perfect for the foodservice and retail sectors where rooms must be functional while taking advantage of limited space.

CEO at Capital Cooling, Steve Steadman, said: “The KubePlus is simple to install and is unbeatably reliable, it is the perfect option for customers who are looking for a quality coldroom with an exceptionally short lead time.

“Our large stock-holding of standard room panels means that we can offer next-day delivery on a huge number of room sizes and configurations.”

With the KubePlus, the room can be completely flexible, allowing Capital Cooling to offer multi-compartment or multi-temperature rooms depending on the client’s needs.

The premium model of the Kube range, the KubeUltimate is a no-compromise option for clients looking for a coldroom truly bespoke to their needs. Every KubeUltimate coldroom is custom designed, manufactured and built to the exact requirements of the client.

Steve said: “Every industry has its own needs and requirements, which is why the bespoke and tailored nature of the KubeUltimate is so important. Each room is designed from scratch, taking into account all aspects of its proposed location - all elements such as wall thickness to temperature range and accessories are specified to suit each unique need.”

The KubeUltimate room boasts a range of high specification features including electromagnetic door locks, stainless steel panel finish, 80mm – 150mm panel thickness and can operate at temperature ranges from -110°C to +80°C as well as other optional extras and accessories.

Both the KubePlus and the KubeUltimate include exceptional warranty with three and five years respectively.

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