Carrier introduced a new line of chillers for data centers

Date: 08 March 2024
Carrier introduced a new line of chillers for data centers
Carrier has launched a new range of high performance chillers for data centres, designed to reduce energy use and carbon emissions while cutting running costs for operators. Available in capacities from 486.4 kW to 1464 kW, the units are based on proven Carrier screw compressors, ensuring efficient, reliable operation and long working life. 

Carrier’s new AquaForce 30XF air-cooled screw chillers, with an integrated hydronic free-cooling system and variable-speed inverter drives, deliver energy savings of up to 50% during total free-cooling operation*.

The chillers offer excellent resilience with an ultra-fast recovery system that, in the event of a power cut, can resume 100% of cooling output within two minutes of power being restored. This ensures cooling is maintained for critical servers and data protected.

The chiller can operate in a wide range of ambient conditions, from -20 to 46 C, making it suitable for use in cold, temperate, and hot climates, while Carrier's smart monitoring system ensures high efficiency and performance at all times. Variable-speed fans further increase energy efficiency and support quiet operation at part-load.

The hydronic free-cooling system is available in a glycol-free applications where glycol is only inside the chiller, which reduces the risk of leakage of glycol.

"The new AquaForce 30XF with free cooling option has been designed specifically to meet the strict environmental, efficiency and reliability requirements of data centre applications, and ensure servers keep running cool around the clock," said Cissy Wang, Managing Director, Applied Equipment, Carrier HVAC North Asia. "The chiller helps data centre operators achieve their budget and sustainability goals by reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions, while providing excellent resilience."

Carrier’s purpose-built solutions are integrated across its solutions portfolio with efficient and high-performing HVAC equipment, to help data centre operators use less power and improve operating costs and profitability. The AquaForce 30XF is part of Carrier's comprehensive range of cooling solutions for data centres, which includes the AquaEdge 19DV water-cooled centrifugal chiller, air handlers and fan-walls, all supported by Carrier BluEdge lifecycle service and support to maintain high performance.

*Based on operating conditions in Berlin, Germany, with 90% of running hours in part-load and total free cooling operation.
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