Carrier Releases New TruVu Dual IP Zone Controllers

Date: 13 April 2022
Carrier Releases New TruVu Dual IP Zone Controllers
Carrier has added new TruVu zone HVAC controllers to the i-Vu building automation system. Designed for pressure independent variable air volume (VAV) and pressure dependent variable volume and temperature (VVT) applications, these controllers feature built-in control programs that are engineered for efficiency, energy savings and optimum equipment performance. They also feature dual IP ports for high-speed BACnet/IP communication. 

Available in three versions, VAV Zone, VVT Zone and VVT Bypass, the new TruVu controllers provide zone-level temperature, humidity and air quality control. They include an integrated actuator and can be field mounted on Carrier VAV and VVT air terminals. They are preprogrammed with equipment graphics, trends and alarms for the i-Vu building automation system, simplifying system setup and providing building operators with tools that help them reduce energy consumption, improve operational efficiencies and maximize occupant comfort.

“With the reliability and efficiency of Carrier equipment, the precise performance of TruVu zone controls, and the seamless management provided by the i-Vu building automation system, building operators can reduce costs, optimize facilities and create a more comfortable environment for occupants,” said Mark Jones, Business Manager, Commercial Controls, Carrier.

While optimized to work with Carrier HVAC equipment, TruVu zone controls are also flexible enough to work with third party HVAC equipment. A standard library of control programs is available for most VAV, VVT and zone applications. In addition, custom control sequences can be created using the SNAP graphical programming tool to meet specific application needs.

The new TruVu controllers have been tested and certified by BACnet Testing Laboratories. They meet the BACnet Advanced Application Controllers and BACnet Broadcast Management Device. A simple software update enables future communication protocols such as IPv6, BACnet Secure Connect and wireless, reinforcing Carrier’s commitment to industry standards. The controllers can be used on both new and existing i-Vu projects, making retrofits quick and easy.
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