Carrier’s Most Efficient Variable-Speed Air-Cooled Screw Chiller is Now Available in HFO version

Date: 16 November 2019
Carrier’s Most Efficient Variable-Speed Air-Cooled Screw Chiller is Now Available in HFO version
Carrier’s AquaForce Vision is now available with PUREtec refrigerant, as its premium variable-speed aircooled screw chiller using low Global Warming Potential (GWP) HFO R1234ze refrigerant.

The AquaForce Vision 30KAVP-ZE is Carrier’s perfect combination of outstanding efficiency and strong environmental commitment.

The unit balances environmental responsibility with performance and covers cooling capacities from 350 kW up to 800 kW and has a seasonal energy efficiency ratio rating of up to 5.6. Carrier, a world leader in hightechnology heating, air-conditioning and refrigeration solutions, is a part of Carrier, a leading global provider of innovative heating, ventilating and air-conditioning (HVAC), refrigeration, fire, security and building automation technologies.

“The AquaForce Vision chiller with PUREtec refrigerant is spear-heading next generation HVAC refrigerant solutions,” said Quentin Garcia San Mateo, product manager, Carrier. “The range embodies not only Carrier’s strong commitment to environmental responsibility, but also its engineering capabilities to provide cutting-edge technologies.”

Four years after the first installation of a water-cooled screw chiller based on HFO refrigerant in Europe, Carrier’s AquaForce chiller units with PUREtec refrigerant have been installed in more than 300 projects throughout the region, in multiple applications such as industrial, data centers, district heating, and healthcare.

Building on its success, the range of products using PUREtec refrigerant has grown from the Carrier AquaForce PUREtec 61XWHZE range of high temperature heat pumps, to the AquaEdge 19DV centrifugal chillers, and now the AquaForce Vision PUREtec 30KAVP-ZE premium variable-speed air-cooled screw chiller.

With a GWP of less than one, the 30KAVP-ZE range offers a long-term refrigerant solution, in advance of the European F-Gas regulation HFC phase-down, and features state-of-the-art technologies including:
- Twin screw compressor equipped with permanent magnet motor technology (30KAVP-ZE version)
- EC variable-speed fans
- Smart energy monitoring function
- Smart refrigerant leak detection
- Heat recovery and partial heat recovery options.

A very low brine function will be available later this year to address specific industrial process applications.

In France, the 30KAVP-ZE range may be eligible for financial incentives of up to 425 000 euros depending 1/2
on specifications.
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