Carrier Transicold Adds High-Performance PowerLINE Generator sets for refrigerated containers

Date: 23 March 2021
Carrier Transicold Adds High-Performance PowerLINE Generator sets for refrigerated containers
Carrier Transicold has expanded its portfolio of PowerLINE generator sets for refrigerated containers with new Series 55 models designed for compliance with European Union Stage V standards for diesel engines, offering greater sustainability. 

“In addition to providing efficient performance that our customers in Europe have come to expect, our new PowerLINE Series 55 models use a familiar engine style and a new permanent-magnet generator to deliver reliability and simplicity of operation,” said Charu Mahajan, Associate Director for Generator Sets, Global Container Products, Carrier Transicold. “Recommended for European applications, the Series 55 bears the CE mark, and its 18.5 kW engine complies with Europe’s Stage V nonroad mobile machinery emissions standard, which includes low thresholds for carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, particulate matter and nitrogen oxides.”

The combination of a fuel-efficient diesel engine, built-in FuelWise two-speed functionality and the new ultra-high-efficiency generator results in a reliable, uninterrupted electrical source for refrigerated containers when transported over land via truck or rail. The generator features a single-winding, contactless architecture for reduced complexity and enhanced reliability.

Key differentiators of the new PowerLINE Series 55 model:

  • Compliant with European Union Stage V standards for diesel engines
  • Full operating power to start and run ISO reefers across operating envelope
  • Simple, reliable design featuring familiar engine style and ultra-high efficiency generator, making it easy to use and operate
  • 2-speed controller automatically switches based on conditions corresponding to refrigeration system load and requires no user interaction
  • Carrier-exclusive FuelWise feature delivers fuel savings of up to 34% when hauling perishable and frozen commodities at typical refrigerated setpoints, which is 6% better than legacy PowerLINE generator sets with FuelWise
  • “By reducing fuel consumption, distances traveled on the same tank of fuel are extended,” said Mahajan. “Likewise, carbon footprint per trip is reduced through fuel conservation and a commensurate reduction in emissions.”

PowerLINE Series 55 generator sets are part of Carrier’s Healthy, Safe, Sustainable Cold Chain program, which provides fresh foods and medications to people around the world and ensures the safe storage and transport of critical vaccines through advanced connectivity and visibility.
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