Castel proposes a wide range of Vibration Absorbers in stainless steel material

Date: 13 July 2021
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Castel proposes a wide range of Vibration Absorbers in stainless steel material for refrigerant fluids HFC, HFO, HC and CO2 in accordance with Groups 1 and 2, classified A1, A2L and A3 in Annex E of standard EN 378-1:2016.

The vibration absorbers are designed for installation on commercial refrigeration systems and on civil and industrial air conditioning plants. The function of this product is to avoid the transmission of compressor vibration to the refrigeration system pipework, reducing the risk of damage and the noise. The vibration absorbers can also compensate a little piping thermal expansion.

A vibration absorber can be installed in both the suction and discharge lines of a refrigeration system, as close as possible to the compressor.

Vibration absorbers should be installed perpendicular to the direction of vibration. When vibration exists in two planes, two vibration absorbers should be used.

For optimum absorption of vibration, the refrigerant line should be anchored at the end of the vibration absorber.

Castel vibration absorbers can be installed vertically too because they are designed to avoid the retention of condensing water in the braided zone near to the connections. So there are no problems to install them with temperatures lower below zero degrees C.

High velocity refrigerant fluid can produce vibration and noise phenomena. In this case it’s advisable to install a bigger larger size isolator.

The connection of vibration absorbers to the piping is normally performed by a brazing process. The specific construction of vibration absorbers allows brazing them to the system piping without particular protection to prevent overheating.

Technical data
• Vibration Absorbers Series 7690N
• Refrigerants: HFC, HFO and HC
• Stainless Steel connections from 3/8” to 2.1/8”
• MWP (maximum working pressure): 50 bar
• TS min / TS Max: -80°C / 140°C

The Best Performance
• Long life
• High working pressure up to 50 bar
• Compatible with refrigerants classified a1, a2l and a3
• Declaration of confromity in accordance directive 2014/68/eu

Stainless steel connections 3/8” to 2.1/8”

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