CIAT launched Vectios RPJ/IPJ

Date: 17 May 2019
CIAT launched Vectios RPJ/IPJ
CIAT launched Vectios RPJ/IPJ

CIAT launched Vectios RPJ/IPJ

The Vectios range are compact, horizontal and autonomous air to air units, rooftop-type design. They are equipped with all the components required for the correct air conditioning to the installation.

· RPJ series: Units for cooling operation.

· IPJ series: Units for reversible heat pump operation.

Cooling capacity from 22 to 91 kW
Heating capacity from 22 to 90 kW
Air flow from 5 100 to 16 000 m3/h

The unit is connected directly to an air distribution ductwork without additional elements or equipment, pipes, cables, etc. taking up no floor space at all. This design reduces the cost of installation, facilities connections and ensures reliable operation.

The range of capacities of these units allows for the air conditioning of medium and large surface areas used for business or industry.

A vast number of options meet many operating requirements, such as:

· Recovery of the extracted air energy.

· Free-cooling.

· Air renewal.

· Indoor air quality control.

· Air filtration.

· Auxiliary devices for heating.

· Extension of operating limits for adaptation to extreme temperatures.

These units are equipped with electronic axial fans in the outdoor circuit, electronic plug-fans in the indoor circuit, air coils, hermetic scroll compressors and electronic control with microprocessor, optimized components for the refrigerant R-410A.

All of the units are tested and checked in the factory.

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