Ideal Heating introduces the HP290 Heat Pump

Date: 28 May 2024
Ideal Heating introduces the HP290 Heat Pump
Ideal Heating has launched the HP290, a monobloc heat pump designed to provide efficient, low-carbon heating and hot water throughout the year. This new product is a notable addition to the company's range of eco-friendly heating solutions.

The HP290 is Ideal Heating's first domestic air source heat pump to use R290 refrigerant, which has a low environmental impact and minimal global warming potential. By incorporating this advanced refrigerant, Ideal Heating is taking significant steps to reduce the carbon footprint of home heating systems.

Key Features and Benefits

The HP290 offers several benefits for homeowners seeking sustainable alternatives to traditional heating systems:

  • High Efficiency: The HP290 boasts a seasonal coefficient of performance (SCOP) rating of over 500%, ensuring optimal performance in various weather conditions, from sunshine to snow.
  • Easy Installation and Maintenance: Designed for simplicity, the HP290 is easy to install and maintain. When paired with Ideal Heating's pre-plumbed hot water cylinder and Halo Lite RF thermostat, it forms a comprehensive low-carbon heating package.
  • User-Friendly Control: The HP290 control box consolidates all electrical components, streamlining the installation process and allowing homeowners to monitor the system's performance easily.

The HP290 is compatible with various heating systems, including radiators and underfloor heating. It features intuitive controls and offers fast reheat times when paired with Ideal Heating's heat pump cylinder range, ensuring comfort and efficiency year-round.

Phil Scrafton, Heat Pump Technical Manager at Ideal Heating, highlighted the company's commitment to customer support. "Our specialist heat pump team is across the UK, providing rapid responses to enquiries. We also have an effective remote service team that can resolve most questions over the phone or via video call. With our new HP290 heat pump, our customers can expect the same high level of service they have always depended on," Scrafton said.

Ideal Heating continues to build its reputation for unrivaled customer support, ensuring that the HP290 heat pump delivers both performance and reliability.
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