The new Vitocal 150-A and Vitocal 151-A heat pumps

Date: 21 May 2024
The new Vitocal 150-A and Vitocal 151-A heat pumps
The new Vitocal 150-A and Vitocal 151-A heat pumps are characterized by their excellent value for money. The Vitocal 150-A’s internal unit is designed as a space-saving wall-mounted unit. Vitocal 151-A is the floorstanding model with an integrated 190-liter DHW cylinder with CeraProtect enamel coating. Both models are available with outputs ranging from 2.1 to 13.4 kW (for A7/W35).

Designed for new builds and modernization projects

Vitocal 150-A and Vitocal 151-A, in combination with the compact A4, A6 and A8 external components, have been specially designed for new buildings. More powerful models equipped with an A10 or A13 external component are suitable for modernization projects. All devices achieve flow temperatures of up to 70 °C (at outdoor temperatures as low as -10 °C) due to their cooling circuit and the use of the refrigerant R290. They are highly efficient and reach a COP (coefficient of performance) value of up to 5.0 (based on EN 14511, for A7/W35).  

Heat pumps can also be used as cooling systems on hot summer days upon request. The active cooling function ensures comfortable temperatures indoors.

Easy to supplement with photovoltaics and electricity storage

Operating the Vitocal 150-A series – as well as a potential electric heating system such as a Vitoplanar infrared heater or a Vitotherm flow heater – with self-generated electricity from a dedicated photovoltaic system increases the system’s independence from the public power supply. This allows Vitocal 150-A and Vitocal 151-A to be combined with the Vitovolt photovoltaic modules and the Vitocharge VX3 electricity storage system at any time. The Viessmann One Base electronic platform ensures that all components operate seamlessly with each other and with the ViCare system control app. It also allows Viessmann specialist partners to monitor the system via the ViGuide service tool, if homeowners so wish. Viessmann Energy Management is integrated into the ViCare app. It incorporates all system components in an overall system and makes energy flows transparent.

Benefits for trade partners

  • Simple installation of pre-installed components such as defrost buffer, bypass and expansion vessel  
  • Around 50 percent fewer components to install than conventional units
  • No need to maintain minimum flow rate, circulation volume or water temperature during commissioning due to self-optimizing flow rate control via Viessmann Hydro AutoControl

Benefits for users

  • Suitable for new buildings and modernization projects thanks to 70 °C flow temperature (at outdoor temperatures as low as -10 °C)
  • Protects the environment and climate thanks to natural refrigerant R290 and a particularly low GWP100 value of 0.02 (GWP = Global Warming Potential)
  • 60 percent smaller footprint than comparable models due to integrated defrost buffer, bypass and expansion vessel as well as connected pipeworks
  • Integrated energy management for transparent tracking of energy consumption and costs
  • Active cooling in the summertime thanks to cooling function
  • Easy operation via ViCare app

Technical specifications

  • Output: 2.1 to 13.4 kW (for A7/W35)
  • Maximum flow temperature: 70 °C (at outdoor temperatures as low as -10 °C)
  • COP value based on EN 14511: up to 5.0 (for A7/W35)
  • Dimensions (width x height x length):
    - Internal unit Vitocal 150-A: 450 x 920 x 360 mm
    - Internal unit Vitocal 151-A: 600 x 1900 x 597 mm
    - External component (A04, A06, A08, A10): 1144 x 841 x 600 mm
    - External component (A10, A13): 1144 x 1382 x 600 mm
  • Energy efficiency category: A+++

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