Climalife is launching its A2L charge calculator

Date: 07 April 2021
Climalife is launching its A2L charge calculator
Climalife is launching its A2L charge calculator, a simple and educational web-based application that allows them to obtain in just a few clicks the calculation of the authorised charge of the fluid for their use according to standard EN378-1.

A total of 36 refrigerants, including A2Ls, commonly found on the market are covered in this tool.

The first step is to select a refrigerant. The user will receive a regulatory reminder showing the environmental impact, together with recommendations. For example, if the choice is for a product with a high GWP, more environmentally friendly solutions will be suggested, without removing the initial choice that was made.

To carry out the calculation, the user simply needs to fill in certain fields, such as the application (comfort or other), the location of the refrigeration system, the dimensions of the room, the characteristics of the installation (hermetically sealed or not) and the density of people per metre2.

The user benefits from an immediate result and can choose to download and save it as a PDF document. Plus, to make things easier, the application allows you to switch to another refrigerant without having to fill everything in again.

The calculator determines the estimated charge as well as an indicated limit, according to the toxicity of the product and its flammability. This is an initial value as stipulated in EN378-1, to which additional measurements are added if allowed.

This web application is available in English and French at
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