Climaveneta presented new series of air source chillers FX HFO

Modern air conditioning systems combining efficiency and sustainability

Achieving excellent performance and ensuring long-term sustainability are the challenges that modern air conditioning systems are facing today. Growing concerns over the effects that refrigerants have on global warming are leading to new regulations aimed at creating more efficient units with lower environmental impact. Following the F-gas regulation, which is legally binding in EU member states, a further step forward was made in 2016 with the Kigali Amendment to the Montreal Protocol, an agreement that will lead to the phase-down of HFC refrigerants worldwide.

FX HFO: the perfect choice

Given that one of Mitsubishi Electric Hydronics & IT Cooling Systems’ guiding principles is respect for the environment,ithas always been at the forefront in using low-GWP alternative refrigerants. In 2015 MEHITS pioneered the introduction of 4th generation green refrigerants, proposing the first chillers with oil-free centrifugal compressor and HFO refrigerant and today the Companypresents its own series of chillers with screw compressors fully optimized for R1234zerefrigerant: FX HFO. Combining brilliant annual efficiency with the adoption of a very low GWP refrigerant, FX HFO counteracts both the indirect impact (due to primary energy consumption) and the direct impact on global warming. It therefore presents itself as the perfect choice for any innovative forward looking-cooling system. Margherita Novello, Comfort Product Manager Coordinator, in introducing the new range states: "FX HFO has been designed to meet the requirements of green certification in modern buildings where perfect comfort must be combined with high energy efficiency and reduced impact on global warming. "She further states "The strength of FX HFO is precisely the compliance with the pre-requisites and credits provided by the LEED protocol for chillers in buildings: for this reason, only a few days after the official launch in the market, already ten customers have chosen FX HFO units to add value to their building projects." The rangeWith 18 high efficiency models, from 235 to 1463 kW, the FX HFO range is derived from the existing FX family with R134a, but represents a totally new series: each model has been redesigned by selecting the components based on the thermodynamic characteristics of the new green refrigerant. The result of this optimization is a range that has a combination of performance, size, and efficiency among the best in its class.

Versions, components and accessories

The new units are available in two versions A High efficiency and SL-A High efficiency super-low noise. The main components that distinguish the new units are fixed speed screw compressors, designed according to MEHITS specifications for high seasonal efficiencies, "V-block" structure with MCHX coils, single pass shell and tube evaporator, designed and produced by Mitsubishi Electric Hydronics & IT Cooling Systems, variable speed fans (autotransformer), and ecological refrigerant HFO 1234ze (ODP = 0, GWP <1). The new range features the standard KIPlink Wi-Fi user interface, while the traditional keyboard remains available upon request. To complete the range, several accessories were designed to further improve the performance of the units, among which; the EC fans, to increase efficiency, the Noise Reducer kit to reduce the emitted sound to -7 dB (A) (available only for version A), and protective treatments for coils, both MCHX and traditional Cu/Al.

High performance

The design of FX HFO, aimed at eco-sustainability, meets the highest efficiency objectives required by modern projects, thus delivering a green approach to anycentralized air conditioning system. The performances achieved by the range show unique average values ​​in the market with an EER of 3.17, an ESEER of 4.33 and an SEER of 4.24. Designed to ensure total reliability, FX HFO can operate in any weather condition from -15 ° C to 52 ° C. FX HFO, which combines advanced technology and consolidated know-how, is the winning choice for all applications and projects where comfort, excellent performance, and sustainability are the guiding principles. Jakob Eide and Sveinung Byreof Klimax, Norway, who sold the first i-FX HFO unit, when speaking about the project said: “The customer chose the i-FX-HFO unit because it combines very high efficiency, increased by the use of the inverter, with very low environmental impact, adding value to the building and respecting all the parametres imposed by domestic regulations”
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