Clivet Presented New Centrifugal Chiller HFO

Date: 24 September 2020
Clivet Presented New Centrifugal Chiller HFO
WCH-iZ series is the new water cooled liquid chiller for indooor installation, with HFO R1234ze refrigerant, supplied with horizontal back to back centrifugal compressor with inverter regulation.

WCH-iZ series is available from 810 kW up to 1600 kW and is the most technologically advanced solution available on the Market, able to propose seasonal efficiency values up to 9,64.

The use of R1234ze refrigerant, with a very low GWP (Global Warming Potential < 1), guarantees a quite zero environmental impact, making it the best choice for all future-oriented systems that are looking for an eco-friendly solution.

The technical solutions adopted place WCH-iZ on top of its category: the exclusive patented horizontal back to back centrifugal compressor, the economizer which further increases the efficiency by 6%, the falling film evaporator which reduces the refrigerant charge by 40% compared to a flooded exchanger, the capacity modulation with the inverter, guarantee efficient and reliable operation of the unit at any application condition.

WCH-iZ centrifugal chiller achieves one of the best sound levels in its category, proposing: sound pressure values (@ 1m) between 79 and 82 dB(A) and the almost total absence of vibrations.

The space savings are an increasingly important aspect in the design of the building. The WCH-iZ units have a length measure less than 4 meters, which ensures the minimum size of the Market.

Capacity load from 100% to 15% and condenser leaving water temperature up to 40°C are able to satisfy the requirement of multiple operating conditions. Many options and accessories are available to suit the needs of each plant.

The Commission Regulation 2281:2016, also known as Ecodesign LOT 21, sets minimum seasonal efficiency levels to place products on the European market, effective from 1st January 2018. The minimum seasonal efficiency levels will further increase from 2021 (Tier 2). WCH-iZ today is already compliant to both requirements.

All WCH-iZ models satisfy prerequisites 2 and 3 of Energy and Environment thematic area. Furthermore, it matches the parameters of Credit 4 that allows to achieve 2 points (Leed 2009). The correlated data are included in the technical bulletin.

The WCH-iZ units offer equivalent or superior performance compared to oil-free magnetic levitation compressor units, with an average 15% cheaper economic proposal.

Clivet Eye is the solution that makes it possible to monitor the unit operation and to diagnose any anomalies as soon as they arise.
The unit is supplied as standard with a dedicated communication device, already installed onboard, which records all data concerning unit operation, anomalies and alarms.
If a Customer makes a claim, Clivet can display all the data related to each unit for any check or operation analysis and also intervene directly on the machine.

Clivet Eye, therefore, guarantees significant advantages for plant performance, as it reduces the time needed to solve the problem by intervening directly from Clivet Office and reduces the intervention costs as it could avoid or in any case guide the visit of a specialized technician to the installation plant.

The units that will be installed in all European Countries are also provided with a Sim Card with internet connection included valid for the entire period of the standard warranty and for a maximum period of 18 months from the invoice date. When the terms of the free monitoring period expire, the Sim Card will be disabled.
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