Clivet presented new series ELFOEnergy Sheen EVO with R32 refrigerant

Date: 23 July 2019
Clivet presented new series ELFOEnergy Sheen EVO with R32 refrigerant
ELFOEnergy Sheen EVO (WSAN-YSi) is the new series of air to water full DC inverter packaged heat pumps for external installation, with R32 refrigerant, available in 6 sizes from 24 kW to 62 kW.

New refrigerant R32
New ELFOEnergy Sheen EVO is the sustainable solution for the conditioning and domestic hot water production thanks to the ecological R32 refrigerant, with a GWP (Global Warming Potential) of -70% compared to R410A refrigerant.
Clivet is among the firsts on the markets with a R32 mono-block solution, being at the cutting edge of technologies and at the forefront on environmental issues.

Top performances
Improved performances guarantee A++ class in heating at Low Temperature (35°C leaving water) and a seasonal efficiency in cooling on top of its category, with SEER values up to 4,64.
Modular Design
ELFOEnergy Sheen EVO is designed for modularity. It is possible to connect up to 16 units in a local network, reaching a maximum capacity of 960 kW. The combinations can also take place with different capacity units. The modular system, obtained by combining several modules, preserves the strength of the single module, but multiplies the advantages: higher reliability, simplified handling and installation, quick and easy maintenance, scalability.

New functions 
ELFOEnergy Edge Evo can provide heating, cooling and from now also domestic hot water production up to 54°C of water temperature, with an operating range from -14°C to +43°C of outdoor air temperature. 
With the aim to satisfy all the applications and possibility of installations, it also offers other new functions such as the double adjustable set-point and the possibility to set the climate correlation curves, both in heating and cooling operation.
Application versatility
ELFOEnergy Sheen EVO is now available in standard configuration and with hydronic assembly with 1 on/off pump. From September 2019, it will be possible to configure the units with following new components, integrated on board to guarantee maximum reliability and easy installation:
• hydronic assembly with 1 inverter pump;
• 3-way valve for domestic hot water production;
• System storage tank of 140 litres (size 10.1-12.1-14.1) or 170 litres (size 16.2-18.2-22.2).
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