Clivet presented new series of water cooled liquid chiller with screw compressors

Date: 25 March 2019
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SCREWLine3 (WDH-SB3) is the new series of water cooled liquid chiller with screw compressors, and R-134a refrigerant for indoor installation.

SCREWLine3is available from 573 kW up to 1502 kW and is the solution for centralized refrigeration thanks to its excellent performances, and to the double refrigerant circuit that guarantees continuity of operation.


• Two operation versions: 
- OCO: Cooling only (standard) 
- OHI: Operation with water circuit change-over

• Two acoustic versions:
- Standard acoustic version (ST)
- Super-silenced acoustic version (EN) is up to 4 dB(A) quieter

• Condensation heat recovery:
- Partial energy recovery, that recovers about 5% of available condensation heat
- Total energy recovery, that recovers 100% of available condensation heat

• Wide operating range
Wide range up to +56°C of source water temperature. It’s able to supply chilled water down to -8°C with option Low water temperature (Brine)

• Perfect for LEED
Models below 1000 kW capacity satisfy prerequisites 2 and 3 of Energy and Environment thematic area. Furthermore, they match the parameters of Credit 4 that allows to achieve 2 points (Leed 2009). The correlated data are included in the technical bulletin.

• Already complies with Regulation 2281:2016 (LOT 21)

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