Costan completes its vertical stacked furniture offering with EVO Blues

Date: 17 June 2019
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Costan completes its vertical stacked furniture offering with EVO Blues. Available in two versions: Blues EVO LT is dedicated to the perfect preservation and presentation of ice creams and frozen products, while Blues EVO MT is ideal for drinks and fresh products. With its compact design and clean lines, Blues EVO is designed to enhance the visibility of items and increase their turnover in traditional gas stations and small shops. In addition, thanks to its versatility, the new Costan branded group furniture is also a valuable ally in the promotional areas of supermarkets and hypermarkets.

Blues EVO is a customizable solution, both in aesthetics and in the internal arrangement of the shelves, which thus meets all the exhibition requirements thanks to a more rational management of the space and an increased volume of storage. As a guarantee of flexibility, Blues EVO doors can be opened on the right or on the left.

The new group furniture is surprisingly green, confirming that the attention to the environment and energy savings are an essential feature of the whole range of the Costan brand. Blues EVO contains components with low environmental impact, such as high-performance fans, LED lighting and the R290 propane natural refrigerant supply. Finally, it is worth mentioning the choice of a maintenance-free wall condenser, which facilitates and simplifies maintenance and cleaning operations.

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