Costan presents new semi-vertical refrigerated cabinet Batik

Date: 31 July 2020
Costan presents new semi-vertical refrigerated cabinet Batik

The OutFit family of Costan is enriched with the presentation of the semi-vertical refrigerated cabinets Batik: shaping different configurations to organise sales space in a functional and distinctive manner has never been so easy.

In a large hypermarket as in a proximity shop, the pleasure of shopping is often related to the ability of the store to attract attention in terms of appeal, variety and quality of the offer, above all of perishable and highly perishable products. Cheese, fruit and vegetables, deli, meat, bread and cakes, fish and cured meats: the study of the department layout and of the distinctive elements that characterise the display of the single references is of crucial importance to increase the average receipt and aim at a loyal clientele.

In perfect continuity with the style of OutFit, the new self-service cabinet for perishable products Costan Batik is characterised by its design that ensures an excellent ratio between occupied surface and display volume. Available in three different depths, Batik presents an optimised load capacity, able to host a large number of products enhanced by technical solutions, such as cascading shelves and glazed terminal ends. Further strong points are aesthetics, harmonious to the other products of the range, and high versatility. The solution is characterised by different heights, depths and lengths with relative dedicated head cabinet. Batik, partly because of the possibility of multiplexing, allows to create numerous configurations with which to design unique layouts, with a harmonious look, in which perishable goods are the true protagonists.

An extremely customisable solution thanks to the possibility to combine the three different aesthetics, Design, Style and Studio, with the rich palette of the Finishing Collection: with terminal ends, roof and decorative panels that range from natural materials, such as wood and stone, to silkscreen and prints.

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