Costan presents the Boutique rear cabinet

Date: 25 May 2020
Costan presents the Boutique rear cabinet

The family of refrigerated cabinets for fresh and super fresh areas OutFit of Costan welcomes the new Boutique rear cabinet today. From traditional shops to hypermarkets, its essential and square design, combined with versatility and improved performance, make it suitable in every type of store.

Modern and functional, Boutique is designed to guarantee the best conservation of products, including inside the closed base, dedicated to the storage of products which are refrigerated or at ambient temperature. Furthermore, the aesthetics coordinated with the other models of OutFit, the finishes with the materials of the “Finishing collection” and in all the colours of the Epta range, also make Boutique ideal as front-cabinets. A perfect solution, for example, to organise food tasting and promote moments of interaction with Consumers in themed or tasting areas.

Available in two versions, open or closed with Advance doors, the cabinet is offered with two different heights, 2000 and 2300 mm, Value or Advance LED lighting and multiple accessories, to facilitate the work of the operators and widen the opportunities for use.

Finally, Boutique Costan is synonymous with improved energy efficiency. The possibility to insert glass doors in the upper section reduces consumption. This refrigerated cabinet is also equipped with a unique evaporator in case of refrigerated reserve, which ensures minimum energy consumption, as well as easy installation.

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