Costan presents Tortuga Reverse

Date: 19 July 2019
Costan presents Tortuga Reverse
Maximum flexibility, for high product turnover: Costan presents Tortuga Reverse, the new double well island with positive and negative temperature. Promoting a renewed display flexibility, this cabinet is designed to respond to every Retailer’s need and guarantee greater freedom in fitting out the sales floor. Aesthetics, easy access, sturdiness and performance are other strong points that make the Tortuga Reverse one of a kind.

The solution, thanks to the reversible LT/MT feature and to independent evaporators able to handle two temperatures of application inside the same island, allows Retailers to choose different configurations season after season, or depending on the active promotions just with a simple switch. Worthy of note is also the glazing of the large panoramic surfaces and the increase in the load volume to 450mm, which contributes to accentuating the emphasis on the products. Another distinctive element of Tortuga Reverse is improved sturdiness, with a new bumper rail in stainless steel that makes the solution even more resistant to bumps and knocks.

Finally, Tortuga Reverse offers certified 3L1 according to ISO 23953: 2015 with increased evaporating temperature and a significant reduction in energy consumption.
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